Power to the pedalers & pedestrians. Use your feet to hit the Memphis city streets and get $50 off your rent every month.

FAQs about this promotion

How do I qualify to save $50 a month?

It’s easy. Any resident of The Gilmore can save $50 on their monthly rent when they choose to utilize alternative forms of transportation other than a car. You can choose to rideshare or primarily travel by foot or bicycle to participate.

Why are you offering this promotion?

The Gilmore is a historic building, built in the 1930s. We are centrally located in a walkable, bike-able midtown Memphis community. We want to promote alternative transportation options, while lowering your carbon footprint!

How do I sign up?

Just talk to Karen at The Gilmore front desk, (901) 726-5575. There’s no application necessary.

Can I still have a car, but park it somewhere else besides The Gilmore?

Sure. As long as you choose not to park in our residential lot, you qualify for the offer.

Will you know if I park at The Gilmore anyway?

Every vehicle in our residential lot is logged and will be towed without a valid parking permit.

How will I receive $50 each month?

You will be charged your full rent, then a monthly concession of $50 on RentPayment.

When does the promotion begin?

New residents can opt in at the lease signing and current residents can opt in at their lease renewal.

What if I try it out, but decide that I want my parking space?

Residents may opt out of the promotion with a 30-day notice and will no longer receive the $50 monthly concession. As always, parking is available on a first come, first serve basis.